Long Dream Farm is dedicated to the idea that food production involving animals can adhere to the highest ethical principles.  We believe that a true partnership between humans and farm animals is both practical and economically feasible.
Our approach to food production places the rights, lifestyle  and happiness of the farm animals before other priorities.
Long Dream Farm consists of a dairy/creamery and egg (chicken and emu) production facility(*) . We also offer educational tours and overnight experiences. 
Programs funded by our non-profit (**) include adoption and transition of cows away from industrial dairies, food donations, education about (animal=human) partnership-based food production and support of farms who would like to follow our principles/practices.
(*) The farm operates commercially under the corporation LDF Cattle Incorporated.
(**) Long Dream Farm is a 501(c)(3) public charity.  At least 20% of product sales and tour revenue are donated in compensation for use of the Long Dream Farm brand.  Similar partnerships are available to other farms following our practices.

Where to find our PRODUCTS

Our ice cream, yogurt, cheeses, butter and eggs are available at the Saturday Morning Auburn Farmer's and Tuesday morning markets run by PlacerGrown, and also at the Davis market on Saturday mornings.  We are at each market on alternate weeks so please check our schedule to see where we will be and for product availability. 

Products may be ordered through our  online store and shipped, delivered locally or picked up.


 We often provide ice cream, yogurt and cheese for special events. Contact us for more information.

In the Tahoe area, our products are distributed by the Tahoe Food Hub



Our refund and return policy

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Long Dream Farm, a California corporation, is registered as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity. We welcome donations which are used to support our education and research activities. These include designing and promoting templates based on animal-human partnership for food production and soil improvement.  We also are raising funds to allow cows currently embedded in the horrors of the commercial dairy industry to transition to a new low-stress environment (and likely raising a calf for the first time) where they can live out their natural life, cared for in a compassionate, outdoor sanctuary environment.  20% of sales under the brand 'Long Dream Farm' go to support the charitable foundation.