Our focus is on breeding multi-purpose, robust and intelligent cattle that are suited for outdoors life on rough terrain, thrive on varied forage, and produce enough high fat milk to raise a calf and provide excess milk for our dairy.  Our main breeds are Scottish Highland and Dutch Belted, but we also have Milking Shorthorn, Dexter, Jersey-crosses and Randall-crosses.   


These are breeds that have become endangered as they don’t fit cleanly into the overspecialized world of modern commercial dairy and beef production.  Fortunately they are all seeing a resurgence as interest has grown from homesteaders and grass-centric feeding systems.

For a number of years we did adopt out a limited number of calves to farms that agreed with and committed to our standards of animal welfare under a full-return policy.  We have discontinued this practice.   


All of our animals are guaranteed permanent sanctuary on our properties.



Our refund and return policy

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Long Dream Farm, a California corporation, is registered as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity. We welcome donations which are used to support our education and research activities. These include designing and promoting templates based on animal-human partnership for food production and soil improvement.  We also are raising funds to allow cows currently embedded in the horrors of the commercial dairy industry to transition to a new low-stress environment (and likely raising a calf for the first time) where they can live out their natural life, cared for in a compassionate, outdoor sanctuary environment.  20% of sales under the brand 'Long Dream Farm' go to support the charitable foundation.