Meet The Team

Here are the current active milk cows who are responsible for all the products we are selling this week.  Usually there are anywhere from 10-30 cows who get milked once daily.


Hi, I'm Lulu!  I am a 7 year old Milking Shorthorn.  My son is named Mushroom and my mom is Emily.  Domenica, my granddaughter is also in the milking group. 


Hi, I am the newest member of the milking team.  I am half Dutch Belt, one quarter Highland (Grandpa Rob) and one quarter Jersey (Grandma Legit). I was 2 years old in April. Notice I am the current holder of the coveted pink halter award.  My calf born on August 22nd is Adagio and my mom's name is Fromage.


Hi, I'm Donna and am half Dutch Belted and half Randall Lineback.  I am three years old and my calf is named Marvel.


I am 3 years old and my calf is named Beijing.  My mom is Fromage so I am half Irish Dexter (my Dad's named Albert) .


Hi, I am Fromage and I am a 4-year old Dutch belted  cow. I moved to Long Dream Farm from Wisconsin when I was little. My baby is named Mirage but my daughters Darjeeling and Colby live with me too.


My name is Elodie and my mom is Gladiolis.  I am 4 years old.  My big baby is named Melody.  I am Dutch Belted.  Even though I am a mom I like to nurse sometimes too.


I'm Donna's best friend and also four years old.  My calf is named Mookie.


Hi, I'm Shauna.  I am the senior milking cow in the group.  I just had a new daughter named Arietta, but my daughters Panda and Etude and my sons Khan and Lahaina live here with me.


I am a 6 year old Dutch belted cow and I love to lick people.  My latest calf is named Luigi.  


I am one of the matriarch cows of Long Dream Farm.  I am 7 years old and have lived here since I was little.  My first son, Ice Cream Sandwich, is the dad of lots of our cows.  Monty is my latest and I still take care of him because he doesn't always keep very clean.


I'm 3 years old and started being milked last Fall.   I live with my son Morocco and my mom, grandma , great grandma and tons of cousins.  I am 1/2 Scottish Highland, 1/4 Jersey and 1/4 Milking Shorthorn.  I have brindle coloring like my dad, Ingot.


I am a four year old Dutch belted cow.  My best friend is Fromage and my big son is named Lonnie.


Hi, I am Chamomile.  I am Lulu's half-sister and we look a lot alike but she is bigger.  I just had my first calf, Nettle.

Chai Latte

My name is Chai Latte.  I just had my first calf, Nitro.  I am now being milked right next to my mom, Peyton. 


My name is Gladiolus.  I have been a milk cow for several years and live with my daughter Elodie, my son Logo and my new son Nomad.



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Long Dream Farm, a California corporation, is registered as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity.  All product sales, tour revenue and donations are used to fund our research & education, animal sanctuary, food donations, and development of new models for animal-human partnerships.  We welcome donations from anyone interested in advancing our mission and programs.