We do not accept returns but will provide refunds on product that are damaged or spoiled during the shipping process.

Please contact us with any issues or concern and send pictures if possible. Please email us here 

Note that we use freezer packs (nontoxic) for keep our products cool during shipping. It is normal that these will melt during shipping. Our vacuum packed cheeses and yogurt will typically be fine for several days at room temperature. If when opened the product shows any signs of mold or spoilage or doesn't smell fresh, please discard.

Refunds and Returns



Our refund and return policy

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Long Dream Farm, a California corporation, is registered as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity. We welcome donations which are used to support our education and research activities. These include designing and promoting templates based on animal-human partnership for food production and soil improvement.  We also are raising funds to allow cows currently embedded in the horrors of the commercial dairy industry to transition to a new low-stress environment (and likely raising a calf for the first time) where they can live out their natural life, cared for in a compassionate, outdoor sanctuary environment.  20% of sales under the brand 'Long Dream Farm' go to support the charitable foundation.